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Hello world! I’m Arden. I’m a first year Computer Science Master student at . My specialty is Information Retrieval, particularly Web Search. I’m from beautiful city Istanbul, Turkey. I did my undergraduate at Bogazici University Computer Engineering Department (though the curriculum was more Computer Science than Engineering, we don’t have CS at Turkey). This is my first year in US, and I really enjoy the life here. I will do an internship at Microsoft this summer, in the Bing team at Seattle.

Web Search is one of the top trending topics of these days. Everybody knows and uses Google, Bing, Yahoo, or other search engines. However, there is not much resource on how to implement a search engine. There are many articles talking about the high level ideas and concepts, but I didn’t come across a detailed page that actually describes how to implement one. So, I decided to start a blog and explain how to implement a search engine, and share the code that I have written.

I’m currently taking the Information Retrieval and Web Search at Brown from Professor . I enjoy it a lot and some of the material that I will present is from this course. The textbook that we use is Introduction to Information Retrieval, which is an excellent book and also available . It’s from of Stanford University, of Yahoo Research, and of University of Stuttgart. This is one of the best CS books that I have read and I highly recommend it to everybody. I won’t duplicate the material that’s already written there, because everything is very well presented. I’ll refer to the relevant chapters of the book for prerequisite information.

I hope that these articles will be informative to anybody who is interested in understanding how Web Search works. I’ll also write about some other CS topics that I find interesting.

You can contact me at: ardendertat AT gmail DOT com

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4 Responses to About me..

  1. says:

    hope this won’t be the first and the last post of your blog.

  2. KOKO says:

    Güzel olmuş Arden.Gelişmeleri bekliyoruz.

  3. Serdar says:

    Arden’cim internet sayfan hayirli olsun, cok guzel gozukuyor! Ufak bir duzeltme “we don’t have CS at Turkey” tam olarak dogru degil –Sabanci diyorum ;)

  4. says:

    abi hayırlı olsun..hakkaten kusurless:)

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